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Tuesday, 25 May 2010



I also list an $AUD price in my listings and offer customers either direct deposit or a Paypal invoice in Australian dollars. About half my customers choose this method and the other half just pay the $USD price.

In terms of inventory - I tend to keep online stock separate to market stock. Of course, this means a massive amount of stock sitting there....but it's good to know it's there in case I have a wholesale order that I need to fill quickly. Sometimes I will pull a few things from the store for a market if I need to. I just need to remember to put them back at the end! I try to make a list of what I've taken out, if it sells at the market I'll either quickly make another one or deactivate it. It's rare I would sell something at the market and online at the same time (it's never happened). But then again, my Etsy store is pretty quiet.
OK end essay : )
Cheers, Shannon.


I like it when the aussie etsy sellers also list their $AUD price in the blurb. I hate having to think about what the going exchange rate is on any given day!

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