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Thursday, 08 April 2010


Lynsey aka Swirlyarts

I know what you mean about feeling blah - I feel that way every so often. I just sit and do nothing, maybe read some mags or flick through flickr etc and the mojo comes back. It must be that time of year too as I am frantically sorting out yet more stuff - 3 black bin bags of kids clothes are heading to the charity shops at the weekend and the girls still have enough clothes for me not to wash them for 3 weeks!


I'm the same - I think it's the change in seasons and the loss of daylight saving that has given me the blahs, which is bizarre as i love the extra light in the morning, and I adore autumn! I have so much to make for an upcoming market and an Etsy store update, but the only real desire I have is to make something for myself. I intend to do just that tomorrow night, and hopefully I'll get my crafting-for-others mojo back!

Hope you can get yours back too.

Nic @ yardage girl

Good luck sorting and decluttering your space and mind - a good April clean out might just be the ticket. Enjoy your break from it all - embrace it - you might as well!

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