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Thursday, 29 April 2010



Just a suggestion.... what about
'suits to scarves....scarves to suit. Bit long I know, but SUITS the process.


How about "Blossom Goes Formal"


How about the Ying yang scarf? Since there are both masculine and feminine elements.


It's always hard to come up with something distinct, especially if you have worked closely with it from scratch. I automatically thought of Autumns when I saw the colors & thought of "Autumn Beauty", but when I read on your thoughts I actually thought of "Urbanely Suitable Scarf" or "Urbanely Suited Scarf". Good luck ! Love what you have done with the suiting fabric!

Ange Moore

I love the scarves - but all those names make me think they are scarves for men? Maybe the "His-suit-for-her-scarf" like the knickers? Or you could have "The Wall Street Scarf (for Women)". The first scarf in the post reminded me of a volcano (because of the colours) but that's not really relevant for the other scraves you'll be selling! I'm not sure I've been helpful - just rambled a bit. Good luck - great product!

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