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Saturday, 12 December 2009



I did my first ever market yesterday, and the crowds were right down. I suspect people who came (it was part of a fete) weren't interested in handmade and parking as an issue too. All my sales were to people I knew, and repeat customers! But it was still a good day. I think I'll limit my marketing to Etsy and the fibre market day here in May.

Ellie - Petalplum

I'm one of those with high expectations, too. We've just done three markets over the past week (and one more tomorrow, that I really don't want to get up at dawn to go to.....). Each market we had such high hopes for what we'd take home {less stock + more $}, and each one let us down slightly. Seems like the Christmas thing isn't happening here, at markets anyway - unfortunately it's happening in the shopping centres, where I'm not venturing but a crazy friend did!
We sold out of tea towels at our first market, and no time to make more for the other ones (I mean, huh? we haven't sold more than 1-2 tea towels for months now..... go figure). I hope you're tea towels went well, would love to see them.
Take care, E

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