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Saturday, 26 December 2009



best wishes for 2010. you DESERVE it!
(just wondering if 2009 was annus horribilis for almost all of us?! phew. bring on 2010, i say!)
keep up the great work. xx


It sounds like a very hard year, but one that you have survived, and learned a great deal from. I wish you well for a bountiful year ahead!


I hope 2010 brings whatever makes your heart sing. Keep going with your blog. It always inspires me to look for the half full part of the glass.


Martine, that truely must have some horrible year for you.
But it is over soon and I keep my fingers crossed that 2010 will be a year with a lot of happiness for you!



French Knots

Goodness 2009 has been a year. I hope 2010 brings you peace in your heart and a glass at least half full. Thank you for the book recommendation, I'm going to look for it on amazon now.x


Hello Martine - thank you so much for the link to Holly's post - some brilliant words there - and your recommendation has led me to order the Simple Abundance book AND the Simple Abundance for Men book as a New Year present for us both. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead that exceeds all your hopes and expectations X

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