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Thursday, 19 November 2009



These are great, Martine. I love their unfinished, wonky and simple look. I wish my whole way of life was like your wallets.


oooh, Martine - I LOVE these - they look fantastic! lovely - you are such a good experimenter! thanks for sharing these... i hope these are on your etsy (just going to have a sneaky peek now), otherwise i will have to get to one of these markets! (can't believe you were in town just recently... would have caught the tram in to say hi - will serve me right for not keeping up to date!)


He uses an old Singer machine we found at a local op (thrift) shop. Its 1950's vintage & all metal, so its industrial enough to handle the leather.


The wallets are very cool. I use to work for a place that made custom clothes for people who showed western horses and we also made chaps so there was a lot of leather around the shop. I could not sew the cowhide on my home sewing machine - it was just too thick and heavy. I could sew the lamb. Do you have a leather machine you are sewing these wallets on? This is just a great idea to use up those leather scraps!


I can certainly understand why some people would buy your products. They are novelty products with a useful side to them. While not for me to keep for myself, I could even enjoy using such shapes. I guess you will quickly see whether angular or round corners attract people more or about the same.

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