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Monday, 12 October 2009



hi lovely. sad to hear that your half year hasn't been all you hoped for. things do get better. i had a shocking 2007, but 2009 so far has been intense but wonderful. whilst big things, unhappy things don't always happen for a reason, if we emerge from them stronger, more together with our loved ones, more thoughtfil, i think we have done beautifully - more than just surviving, i think, something to take pride in. hang in there, and here's for a peaceful end to the year. xo

Ellie - Petalplum

sometimes we really have to have everything thrown at us to see and learn and take notice. it's hard, and sad, and so emotionally draining - and totally NOT FAIR. (my mum used to say that life isn't meant to be fair).
I do hope for a quieter, simpler and easier end of this year and next year good things happen for you.
one thing - it has strengthened your relationship with mr green olive.
take care.

Miss Dot

hopefully it will improve! at least the sun is on its way, be well my sweets.


Martine I wish you a calm and restful few months to end the year. I know exactly how you are feeling after a similar year myself - everything is rocked and every day is hard. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling like you do and stand with you in solidarity - here's to good things for both of us!


I hope that life is calmer for the remainder of 2009!

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