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  • Hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm a graphic designer by trade and am trying to build a creative life that will financially support me. My passions include fabrics, paper and print - and I design and hand make a range of accessories, fabrics and paper products. I live on the coast south of Melbourne, Australia with my husband. Almost daily walks on the beach keep me inspired to create.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2009



Happy Blog-Birthday! You are a great source of inspiration. Thanks.


Happy Blogiversary! I am glad that you understand these things about yourself(creative needs). So many people deny themselves of what they truly love, congrats on being one less....


Congrats on your blog-birthday! And on listening to the universe - your work is so beautiful and 'honest'. Thanks!

Sarah Jayne

Well done for keeping up your blog for 2 years. Like you I started by blogging lots and now aim to blog once a week.
Trying to keep up creativity is much more difficult than people realise. I'm having to make a huge effort to get things back on track.
I've really enjopyed reading your blog and love the photos. Keep posting...


Happy 2nd Birthday! I have really enjoyed and have been able to identify with your journey... Thanks for sharing and the Giveaway! Wishing you many more years of happy blogging and creativity.



OK it's definitely time to delurk then! Thanks for taking the plunge into blogging and also sharing your experience and wisdom via mixtape. And if I don't win I've got my eye on your etsy shop anyway...


blimey - i think that means it must be mine either soon or it's already been. bad bad blogger! congratulations mrs :)


Congratulations! I love your work:)

Tone, Oslo, Norway


Congrats. So glad you are finding your path and your tribe. I would love the chance to play with some of your fabrics.


Yah, I love that your blog and the blogging community gives you much the same as mine does. Happy Blog Birthday.


Congratulations! You have lasted much longer that I did with my blog.

As someone who benefits from your creativity (you did my alchemy scarf last xmas), am I glad you have listened to your needs to create. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations - I have just loved reading about your journey and the success that you have achieved with your fabric and business. And, of course, meeting you has been a highlight.


Happy blog birthday! 2 years passes so fast these days! I had 2 years down in January now I am almost at 300 posts.

I agree, blogging in this creative sphere has increased my creativity too! Keep enjoying what you are doing - it's important ;o)

Elizabeth Gregory

Congrats on your blogiversary! :)


Ooooooh count me in! And congratulations for 2 years of blogging :)


My comment did not post so I will try again. Congratulatons on two years blogging and best wishes for many more to come.


Two years blogging - how great - plus all the wonderful fabric you have produced! Best wishes for many more years!


Ditto Michelle, I, too, have been the lucky recipient of your beautiful fabrics - but I wanted to congratulate you on your blog-iversary - and wish you all the very best for the years ahead: creatively, professionally, personally, and physically. :)

thank you for sharing your journey with us.


Yikes, 2 years. It sounds like a long time but I'll bet it was the blink of an eye! Happy bloggy birthday!!


Happy blog-birthday! Hope you have many happy years of blogging and crafting ahead!


Please don't enter me in your draw - I've already won from you! But I wanted to wish you a happy anniversary. I love your blog - it's very inspiring. It also appears that you and I have travelled very similar paths.


Wow congrats on your two years and your changes and achievements. I would love some bits and pieces thanks.

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