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Saturday, 09 May 2009



gosh... i am late!!!

happy happy birthday lovely. so good to see you! it would be so good to finally meet - i really must get organised and come to one of the markets. I will... I am starting to emerge from the cocoon i disappeared into, so am starting to make promises to myself about outings...

happy birthday xo

ps. pomegranate anne is beautiful and i am getting comments galore about it whenever i wear it. thankyou!


Happy belated birthday, Martine!
And those photos look fantastic, great work.


Hi Martine,
It was great to meet you at the Flemington Market today, hope you had a great result.

Anna Laura

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day at the market.

Ellie - Petalplum

Happiest Birthday Wishes.
I hope you had a lovely market day. And a beautiful birthday. And a sleep in on Monday.

I'd love to pop round to your mum's house to see your Brisbane showroom!

Take care,
Ellie : Red Seed Studio : petalplum


Happy birthday! I'll be 42 in November, so let me know if it's a good age to be.

I'm not surprised that people want to touch your scarves - that's a very clever way to line them up as they just cry out to be touched (and bought).


Happy Birthday! I hope that the day was okay... and that you maybe celebrated AFTER the market! There was still time! Your stall looks great BTW!

Miss Dot

me to! I will be 42 in September, the naughty fourties rock! you go girl.

one thing, your stall looks great in the pic but the front of the stall caught me... you are missing a space/advertising opp right there in the front, how about some bunting with your name on it, or a banner? or bunting made to look like scarves with your label spelt out? just an idea, feel free to ignore. :-)


Hope you had a happy birthday! Your stall looks fabulous. I just love the image of all the knitted scarves hanging and I cant blame people for wanting to touch them.

Debs (Newdknit on Ravelry)

Happy Birthday....!!!


Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope it's a top market for you, that the sun is shining, and there is enough of a chill in the air to inspire people to buy a scarf!


Happy Birthday for tomorrow Martine. Hope you have a great day at the market!


Here's to a most very excellent birthday and inspired market sales (to make it worth your while turning 42 after waking up at 5am)!

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