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Sunday, 31 May 2009



I'm heading to the Dandy's to live in a couple of weeks and I can't wait! I know it's cold up there but that photo and the thought of toasty fires is very inviting.


Gorgeous toadstools! Just like the ones in all the fairy books :)


My ma and pa moved to the Southern Highlands of NSW a few years back and have the same toadstools popping up in their garden. Where they are, on the edge of a national park escarpment is not unlike the Dandenongs. The council allows residents to forage along roadsides for certain months of the year. Free firewood and the council gets its roadsides cleared of large limbs for nix. Win Win.


so strange to think of it being autumnal/wintery elsewhere - i've not moved all weekend from a chair in the blazing sunshine here in the uk :) yes, tell mr greenolive it's really true, blazing sunshine!


I didn't know you lived in Brisbane - I grew up there : ) It's a small world!

Anna Laura

Sorry I missed you yesterday, it would have been lovely to see you. I was braving the rain for a concert in Sale, wearing your lovely scarf. I wore the two together at the football today. Kept me warm.


What a stunning photo!

Winter has already hit us in the capital. I'm loving it!


They are adorable! I imagine a little gnome sitting nearby..

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo)

Winter certainly feels like its just around the corner. Your photo of the toadstool is beautiful. I'm sure the fairies can't be too far away!

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