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Wednesday, 01 April 2009



I had a lot of non-sales earlier this year as well. It got to the point where I expected to be stiffed and was surprised when a payment actually went through, but the truancy seems to have slowed down.


i'd never had a non-payer in over 200 sales (not including 200 sales in the original lusummers shop) and had 2 in a week recently! bloody typical, and a real pain in the arse, all that convo-ing and emailing and waiting - but like you say, the great buyers totally outweigh the numpties who don't pay!
don't let it get you down :)


This is a common occurance on eBay also and it may seem small to some people but it is time consuming. I totally understand your frustration and have not used etsy yet so this is new to me that it occurs there too. I agree with Michelle though. Unfortunately the customer is always right and I think it is best to keep good form, smile and act cheery and then call them names with your inside voice:)


I've had a couple - and I find them hugely annoying, especially when the shop used to be my sole source of income and I was relying on the payment. The main annoyance wasn't so much the lack of payment though -it was the lying. One customer told me that she bought something from my shop, and then found something she "liked better" in another shop, so just thought she'd let the sale "lapse". She failed to understand that I couldn't sell the item while she refused to pay for it. So I just cancelled the sale.

The old retail worker in me though says that the customer is always right, and there is something in treating the rudest ones with respect so they will come back. Personally I don't want the rude ones as customers, but when you are being supported by your Etsy shop, you often can't be that fussy.

I'm so sorry you have lost sales like these - I just wish these customers understood the impact they had on the small indie crafter when they cancelled a sale, or refused to pay.

Anna Laura

I've had a few, I've tried to learn that you don't get excited about the sale until you get payment. I try and not get down about it, but it is super annoying. I also only wait about 2 days before I cancel the sale and relist and I let the buyer know. Until I get payment the item isn't theirs.

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