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  • Foster Craft Market:11 Mar

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Friday, 13 March 2009


Ellie - Petalplum

Was really lovely to chat with you and mr greenolive at the show.
I know what you mean about the window dressing - every market I do is different, and I go through the same thoughts of how to set up. I'll get it right one day!
Talk soon, hope you're resting well after the show.
-Ellie :: Petalplum :: Red Seed Studio


Michelle & Tania, thanks so much for your purchases and comments – and I'm glad mr greenolive was helpful and friendly, he's been fantastic in the lead up to the show and while were were at the show.
We you decide what to make with your fabric, please send a photo.


I went to the show on Saturday and was so impressed by your stall. It looked fantastic, and I loved the way the fabrics were displayed on the wall.

I bought my favourite - the red bicycles - and had a nice chat with your lovely partner. Hope the sales picked up with the busier day on Saturday!


Martine, there is so much psychology in all this... I find it relentlessly interesting. I do hope your new arrangement brings the pennies in for you, you deserve it. Your stall certainly looks the business in the photo :-)


It certainly seems like you are learning a lot! It's all useful! I hope that tomorrow is good for you.


I was at the Stitches and Craft show on Thursday and understand where you're coming from on the whole feng shui thing. I had a distinct feeling of discomfort browsing these tight spaces when they were already inhabited by a storeholder. Something to do with personal space? Feeling too much pressure to buy from such close observation? I bought way too much(!) but thinking about it, all but one of these items were easily accessible from the fronts of stalls, (including your delicious red bicycle fabric). The only time I bought something from the back of a display was when the stallholder was with a customer at the front. Hope Saturday is a doozy of a day!

French Knots

Hpe you are rushed off your feet on Saturday

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