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Saturday, 21 February 2009



Hi lovely. This is a late comment from me, but I have been behind with the blog visits recently. Greenolive to me means natural, personal, simple (pure? not quite... but do you get me? close to the source...?), beauty, peace, calm (probably from the seagreen blanket!), texture. And green... there has to be green....


I totally understand where you're coming from. Creating your own identity is sooo difficult. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again!

I would say that your work is very earthy and natural. A quick solution would be to do something very simple to the O. Subtle and not 'cutesy'. I don't know... just a thought.

Good luck!


I think your blog header is beautiful and seems to sum up what the essence of your work is about (to me) - restrained, textured, simple, greens-and-blues-and-neutrals, typeface, pattern. Why not base it on that? It has worked well at suggesting the brand on the blog. I understand and sympathise with the inability to get to the heart of what your 'brand' is about when basically the 'brand' is oneself... there is so much more going on in your head to complicate matters. If you have time I would really value you doing a similar thing for me as I have no stationery that I like for exactly the same reason! You know the blog but the main site/shop access is Good luck with all that Greenolive means to you xx


When I thing of Greenolive, I think comfy, cosy, warm, soothing, relaxing, inviting, natural, calm - and I see greens and blues.


Have you seen the website Wordle? It allows you to type a word into a file time and time again and it will make a text montage out of the word - perhaps you could use it to make an identity. I just googled wordle and up it came. or Perhaps you could have an olive green text (I know you said one colour) and make the o red like a little stuffed olive would look like (I am not explaining myself very well but when I've seen drawings of olives before, quite often they are stuffed olives and the little round olives have a little red circle on them somewhere - seems to me the o in olive would be perfect for it.) Or you could make the o into an olive with a little red dot on it - an olive instead of an o.

But otherwise, Greenolive seems classy to me, modern twists, funky, handmade, good eye etc.etc.

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