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  • Hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm a graphic designer by trade and am trying to build a creative life that will financially support me. My passions include fabrics, paper and print - and I design and hand make a range of accessories, fabrics and paper products. I live on the coast south of Melbourne, Australia with my husband. Almost daily walks on the beach keep me inspired to create.

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  • Foster Craft Market:11 Mar

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009



wow - your work is amazing... am going to enjoy exploring your 'world' and getting to know you!
M x


I love that gorgeous print. Can't wait to see your stuff at the show.


They look great!

What about thinking about the English word that describes the design [to you], then looking up that word in Swahili? I think with anything ethnic the best marketing strategy is to go with something authentic both to the designer and the original inspiration.


haha! please not weave or totem, martine! :)
what about african place names? kenya and the like? or safari? i'll keep thinking...


Trust me its coming! I'll save some for you.


im waiting for the typography fabric!!!



[starting with "t" and keeping with the "tribal" theme and concept]

really like the linear/checkerboard one. great job.


I think that they are great! Names - not something I am very good at I like the ones above - they have that sort of natural/tribal feel to them. Good luck!


#1 "Bundles" (Spots & Lines)
#2 "Weave" (Brick pattern)

They're looking good. If I get to TS&CS I will make sure I say hello.

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