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Tuesday, 24 February 2009



Lynsey - perfect timing - you've mad my day!


I hope you are ok now? Probably not the best timing but I have featured your storage basket on Cuteable this morning.


Stay safe, Martine. Thinking of you


probably an unwanted suggestion but do you know anyone with an unused, or rarely used second car that maybe you could have for Mr greenolive for those times when you are not at home, at least for the next few weeks? I know it would be putting someone else out, but....


it has been a horror year for fire, hasn't it.
i am feeling for anyone who is living under the threat of fires - it is just going on too long! enough already! stay safe and glad you guys are choosing to LEAVE.
[perhaps we could start a blogland raindance?! get us all dancing at the same time around the world]


i'm with you martine enough already!I cant imagine what thet drive home was like, stay safe lady(thank god for 24 hour McDonalds;)


I'm saying a prayer that you and your family are safe. I honestly dont think I could cope with the stress of not knowing what way things will go. You sound like a very brave lady. Take care and keep safe!


Goodness Martine, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you keep safe and those fires are soon under control. It is horribly scary. Here in England we're huddled together against the cold and thankful for the gift of warmth and fire... but it is chilling to realise how careful we must be with the gift and how it can turn against us.

Your basket is beautiful... really beautiful. I hope it was one of the things you packed with you in the car.

Take care, friend.

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