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Sunday, 08 February 2009



I was worried about you... but breathed a sigh of relief when i saw you back on flickr.
It has been such an awful, shocking few weeks. Glad to hear you are well though.


stay safe


too close for comfort hay! it's all just to horriable for words.


It's just dreadful, isn't it. I can't comprehend the loss.

Glad to hear you're well; I wasn't sure which region you lived in but I worried about you anyway.


So relieved to hear that you are okay! I came here to check in and make sure. The news has been devastating. Take care, M!

French Knots

Glad to hear you are ok, such awful and sad news.
Stay safe.


hi M,

it is so horribly sad. 138.

my good friends live in Warandyte and he has a business in Healsville and they too like you have been a little too close for comfort.

keep safe....and insure your beautiful wool!! (:)


I hope you are alright petal, thinking of both of you, just read everything on the BBC news site, I can't even begin to imagine what it is like for you at the moment :(




I was wondering about you when I looked at the maps of the fires. Very glad you are OK.


I am so glad that you are safe. Thank you for posting. i have been thinking about you.
Best wishes from a long time reader who rarely comments.....


Scary scary. Thinking of you.


Glad to hear that you're okay! It's been an awful couple of days-it feels like the whole state is on fire!


utterly horrific, isn't it?!
glad to hear you are both safe. and i think that leaving is the ONLY course of action after seeing the devestation wreaked on marysville. too fast, too intense.
terribly frightening and so very, very sad.
take care.

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