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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Anna Lloyd

I love the scribbly look of these designs. I like to make banners for kids rooms, small quilts and cushions.


I love the flutterby! I'd use two of them to make the halves of the top of a wrap frock - that way it would be worn (and seen!) and loved a lot.

Kay Moller

I think the fabric details are so nice I would frame them. I think I might paint up a ready made frame to go with them or frame them in an embroidery frame.


Either of those would make a nice panel in a denim or drill skirt. Or I'd make a cushion or a little reuseable bag to wrap a gift.

To be truly honest, if I won one, it would probably sit in the 'too pretty to cut' pile for a year or so, where its potential would remain infinite but unrealised


Great prints - the bike one would be perfect for knee patch embellishments on a pair of boys pants. Also little girl headbands and cuffs on pants or pockets on a skirt, I have some red denim the butterflies would look gorgeous on!!


VEry cute, Im thinking pencil cases, glass cases, pin cushions, Small pin board, even fabric buckets to pull allsort of goodies in!
See you at the show too!


I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I totally love the flutterby design... it'd be cute for a little girls dress/skirt.

See you at the Stitches & Craft show :)


oops - I meant butterfly one (I just woke up and my head is still asleep)~!


I would use the bike one for a pencil case (for me) and I would use the cherry one for a makeup purse! It's actually just what I was looking for.

Can't wait to catch up with you again the Show.


Great designs, very cheerful, remind me of summer, mmmm. No problem finding good use for those beauties: little pouch or clutch, pencil roll, kids apron pockets, blanket and pillow for a favourite doll etc. But first I would frame the flutterbys and admire them for a while- they make me smile.


Love, love, love the butterflies. Fab for a t-shirt applique, a jewelry roll, a cushion panel, a little box bag for small knitting projects or some other special bits, a notebook and pen wrap, napkins, a lampshade ........ So many possibilities.
Great designs, well done.
Also just wanted to say stay safe tomorrow and Friday won't you. It looks like being another dreadful fire danger day and I have a bad feeling about the beautiful dandenong ranges.


That is so easy, patches and pockets on boys denim for the super cute bikes. The flutterbys would be a great trim/pocket on a girls dress with sweet red and white dots. I can see so many options.


Lovely Fabric !! I would love to use it for pillowcases (with plain fabric), or pockets on bags and aprons, even a pouch or two! The bikes print is very pretty. Please do count me in.

French Knots

As part of a quilt or patchwork cushion for my soon-to-be-born baby's room. Or as part of a tote bag, a roomy one for carrying summer essentials ( assuming we get a summer in England this year!) Wonderful fabrics.


I've started sewing cool bits of fabric to brown notebooks, they look great, are super easy, and are an awesome way to showcase cool fabric. I think a series of brown notebooks with bikes on the front would be fantastic!

sew funky

I just LOVE the bike fabric!

I'd probably make little clutch purses or a tote bag, but I really like the idea of lined/zipped clutch purses! Something to put your makeup in, or maybe even a cellphone or ipod pouch?

The options are endless, and your fabric designs look fantastic!


After making bags for kids at Nikki's recently, I'm thinking a bag for my oldest with this as the flap for when he needs his pyjamas for a quick overnight stay! Posssibly a little matching pouch (plastic lined) for his toothbrush and paste too.
Very inspiring prints.


I would make a zippered pouch to put all the things I don't want my daughter to find in my handbag (her medicine, my ipod etc etc!)


I would use the red one to make a trivet style place mat for my kitchen. I have been hunting about for interesting heavy weight fabric for a while! Yes you could do a bag etc, but something a little different would be good! Let me sew for you!


I'd use if for a bag, or a card wallet, or a kids apron. So many uses. Lovely fabric :-)

Jaylene @ finki

What gorjuss prints, I desperately need to make a little bottle holder for my son. when we are out and about they just frolick freely in the huge nappy bag, so I reckon a little bag, with two roundish slots to suggly hold 2 bot bots, with a fab bike print flap, would be superrr!


The possibilities are endless. They are such gorgeous prints & fabric. I especially love the bikes. I would use it to embellish a little t for my boy and for pockets and cuffs on a pair of pants.


I'd go with a few cute little pincushions, a needle holder or two, some little eye pillows.. Oh the prints are so divine, so much you could do with them!


Ooh lovely!
I'd use it for the flap on a clutch/wristlet and the little foldover wallet inside.
It woudl also be a lovely accent on a courduroy bag.
Can't wait to check out your stand at the craft show!


I can see a bookmark or even a bag where this fabric print is definately the only feature, you dont want anything else getting in its way! its far too nice.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly

They look perfect for cushions or kids aprons to me! Or bucket hats!

Sparkly Green Knickers

I'm a big fan of the bicycle, too. I think I'd be making pockets and cuffs on shorts for my boy, or I'd use some on bags and pencil cases for the kids.
Love that it's on linen!

Amy Gunson

The bikes definitely scream trendy tote to me, but the butterflies send me in another direction. Definitely a journal cover for someone special. Great prints, good luck at the show!

Cass Ward

Great fabrics, I too make bags and would probably team them with denim for some kids bags, also softies


Wow all of the ideas sound enticing to me! I need a new sunglasses case so that is probably what I would make from a not-quite-fat-quarter. Your fabrics are gorgeous!


Napery is sorely undervalued these days. Linen is great for napery, so that's what I'd make. Placemats; 2 serviettes from one fat quarter; and very elegant tea-towels to hang on my oven door.


My goodness these are just gorgeous. You are so clever.
I've been thinking a lot lately about making some little clutch bags and these would be absolutely perfect.


Beautiful fabrics! I am a bag-o-holic, so I would definitely be using your not-quite-fat quarter to make up something gorgeous to carry about with me all day long.


Oh my gosh! That is stunning fabric! Well, I'd use the fabric for one of my sunnyboy pouches, of course (and keep it for myself, not sell it)! But I think the fabric would be fantastic as an outside panel for a tote bag, and even as an inside pleat in something like Amy Karol's Pleated Beauty Bag from her book.

I'd be tempted to use the cherries as the yoke for a smock-type blouse ... not for kids, but for me! He he!

Can't wait to see it at the show!

Rebecca Barrett

Very cute, I would use some for applique t shirts, children's hats sometimes need a pocket, it's hard to think of something different now that there have been a few comments! If I won one, I'd make a coin purse for my business cards!


Great great prints. The butterfly would be used to brighten some clothes for my daughter - specifically a hoodie I have to make her. I would also make a purse for her. The bikes would be fantastic for my son and I would use some for a top for him maybe, but really I would love to make it some wall art to decorate his spartan bedroom walls.

On second thoughts I love the flutterbys so much maybe I would make some desk accessories, pen holders etc just for me....


Id use it as a pocket front on a plain coloured panel that drapes over the side of a bunkbed( perfect for popping all the little bits of lego, action figures, cars etc into).That way my son wouldnt end up with the imprints of these items on his body as he sleeps.

Lucy Bowler

I too am thinking of children's aprons/art smocks, also library bags for school. As a detail on patched cushions, a stripe on a pillow-case, appliqued onto a child's t-shirt or patch some trousers - even add them to trousers that don't need patching. I think the possibilities are endless and they are just beautiful!

Hoppo Bumpo

They are lovely. A not-quite-fat quarter would make the soft carry case that I make for gadgets (phone, GPS, camera, etc) with some left over for appliqueing to children's clothes.


I love that bicycle one! Did you print it in red also? I'm with Bev, I would probably use it for a coin purse, or as a panel in a tote bag, paired with some plain linen. Delicious!


I would make all the good parts of a biggish satchel bag: patch pocket, front flap, key tidy - and maybe a coin purse, too, if I was very, very clever with my cutting.


I would use it for pockets and details on aprons for kiddies :)

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