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Thursday, 29 January 2009


pip of meetmeatmikes

Have you seen Aunty Cookie's typeface fabric? It looks a bit like this! I bet you would love it!


Love it - I would definately buy it ! Black Red grey !!!!yum!


I just bought a set of old type face on Etsy and am planning to use it in my work.
Saw your design on Mosaic Monday - Feltbug.
Good luck with your work.


oh, i love this. have just spent a couple of minutes squinting at the screen to get a good look. i love that the type is not neatly lined up, and that there are no boggle-like words hidden in there. colours??? there has to be some green...


oh thank god this was posted on the 29th - so you know i didn't nick your idea! i was worried to death that you'd thought i'd copied you :) i love this (but of course i would, what's not to love?) and i think it will work in tons of colours, at the moment i'm a big fan of apple-y green with charcoal grey...hmmmmmmmmmmm....


I love this design - I would definitely buy it! I would love to see white font on black, and maybe white font on charcoal grey. What type of fabric will you print it on? I'm already imagining my journal covers made from this : )


yes yes yes &yes
red green and black!
love love love
nice website btw

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