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Monday, 15 December 2008



Handmade just gives you a pleasure like gift buying simply doesn't. As for spinning the wool as well, that must truly be rewarding. I'm a beginner knitter and made my first presents this holiday, I'm hoping all my hard work pays off and they will be well loved.


I do!

Martine, I was lucky enough to win one of your beautiful scarves, and now it hangs next to my door.

We are having a cold, cold winter here in France and I wear your scarf often - it is warm and stylish, and beautifully made by you. And I want to send you pics of it (in action, of it being adored by many) ALL THE TIME. I have managed to restrain myself, however.

I think being a creator, when we are lucky enough to receive something handcrafted, we cant help but think about origins, about what went into the creation of a piece.


Martine, I love this post, because I think the same things and wonder those same thoughts. It must be a natural part of the handmade process. You put so much of yourself into each piece and it will always be there, no matter where that piece may travel.

I'm so glad you like your scarf and have had a chance to wear it! Our books are being well used and Audrey has made some incredible art in her "diary" as she calls it. :-)


Oh Martine, you described it perfectly.
I, too, think of you each time I use the gifts you sent. I then have to literally stop myself from emailing you to tell you how much I love them!

Coincidentally, I received a parcel from Carol today also. Her work is truly exquisite.


Hannah, your comment made me smile and laugh - that is exactly what I had hoped would happen when I was making each of them. I'm so glad they have found such great homes and are used and loved.


hi Martine

The joy of a handmade item is exactly as you described. I love that someone has spent time pondering about what they will create, what it will look like, how they can achieve it... that they put their time and their heart into making it... and I also think about the creator whenever I am using their item. Pomegranate Anne has also been spending much time around my neck lately, even though it's December...I always wonder if you would like to know! and seagreen blanket is Liam's favourite thing to fall asleep with, especially when he is grissly, it is the perfect calmer for him (he curls his fingers up in the wool... I will have to take a photo for you sometime!).

Handmade is wonderful!


As a maker of crafted items I think that you learn to appreciate the work that goes into a handmade item - not just the physical activity but the mental creative activity that led to its creation! When you know something has not been mass-produced in China or wherever you also love it, it's a limited edition or a one-off and certainly makes you appreciate it a little more!

By the way, the scarf is fantastic and I would be a happy camper if I was wearing it!

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