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Sunday, 05 October 2008



Oh my lordy, I'm late in reading this and I'm so sorry! Pneumonia is no laughing matter.

And "not a world class athlete"? I beg to differ - as soon as they include the "green scarf" category you can start building the cabinet for your gold medal.


Oh poor you - hope you are soon feeling loads better :-)

This sort of thing always happens to me too! A few days off work and suddenly I am in bed with flu/bad back/girl stuff. Soooo frustrating.

Rig up your sketchbook next to your pillow incase you get ideas...

Take care :-)

Dawn Anderson

I'm sorry to hear (read) that you are sick. Get well soon! The beautiful fiber will be there ready to spin :)


Oh I'm so sorry you have been so unwell, I have been watching the progress of your screen printing exploits with great interest. Sending you lots of get well wishes and sleeping time.


PS Whoops - I hope you feel better very soon.


The one and only good thing about those steroids is at least they give you a bit of an energy kick and make you feel a bit better (it's just a pity about the 100 crappy side effects that come with it)!

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