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Friday, 24 October 2008



What do you mean by "get water from Mt Donna Buang"? Is it melted snow water, for drinking, or to fill a tank for your garden? Does it have magical health boosting properties? I'm intrigued.


If you do even half of that this weekend, you're amazing!


Hi there, sounds like u have too much to do, I hope u get through most of it. Just popping in to say I have been meaning to get back to you on yr Etsy not working for me post. I do want to give u a proper reply but have not had time to visit yr site yet. I am on holidays and just have not had the bloggin time i usually have. Hoever, in the meantime, you may want to read my post on product develpment on Etsy...its on my sidebar. just remember u need to know who you are targetting...who is yr consumer,
Promise to get back to you


You've just reminded me that I haven't done my tax return, so guess what I'm doing!

And cutting out a dress (or maybe a skirt), knitting on the back lawn, going for a spin on my bike, ironing, watching the second disk of Come in Spinner... Oh so much to do, so little weekend...

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