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Friday, 17 October 2008



I have just found your blog from my friend Sue's links.
When I look at Etsy because it's in US dollars I half the price to get a rough English pound price then add postage.

I think the fundamental problem with Etsy is if you aren't looking for an actual buyer, if say I looked for scarves I would have to trawl through pages of horrible things before I came across your scarves or other nice things.

This is the problem.

If you raise your profile and explain to prospective buyers about Etsy I think this will help.

Over here in the UK we are in a full blown recession so I am sure that is affecting sales to everyone.

I do think you need to say on your shop notice a little bit about the pricing – being in US dollars – it’s obvious to Etsy sellers but possibly not to a lot of buyers.


The website looks great.


First, I would like to say that it must be disappointing for you that you're not getting the expected sales off etsy, as I do see your items in flickr & think they are of exceptional craftwork. I have been a regular buyer off etsy, but since the US currency is so strong, I have dropped my shopping to nil. I live in Australia & with postage, cost is way to high! This may affect many buyers' decision as well. With the economy the way it is, it may even effect people who might reseort to make their own items or recycling. I don't even know if these are valid points, or is even effecting other estsy sellers..have you checked if their sales has slowed down as well? As for your niche..your scarves are what grabbed my attention..they are definitely one-offs. I would love to buy one, especially the silk kimono ones, but you now know my reason why I can't. I hope you find a way to successfully reach your etsy market...good luck...Julia

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