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Sunday, 21 September 2008



This all sounds familiar... but you do need to give yourself a break, split your list into three at least and work on one!!! Best of luck, I've been doing the same as you and trying to fit tooo much into a mere 24 hours which = stress. No good for the soul!!


I hear ya! I could do with 48 hours in my day to get all the things done i need and want to do. We're sorry it didn't make it into issue 6, it doesn't mean we don't love your column, we do we do we do! Pride of place in issue 8 ok? Kids issue is next so if you have anything you'd like to write for that let me know.xx


oh honey
we still love you ok :)
and yes more time in the day please
hope to see you soon

Krista McCurdy

oh, I'm so there with you....


Point that remote in this direction too if you please!


Oh I am so with you on this one!!I would love one of those remote control things to to just stop everything-have one huge catch up and set it going again! Love your ant image!

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