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Wednesday, 24 September 2008


daisy janie / scoutie girl

Very cool idea! Like the design!


"1. rethink couples craft"

Ha! I totally get that, we had to "rethink couples cooking" a while ago.

Better luck this weekend - the red looks fantastic!


I've never done screen printing on paper before. The red print looks really nice, though, so clearly you have the actual printing technique down. Good job! And great idea with the couple crafting!


Oh but what a great tale it made! Good luck with your 2nd attempt.


Double bugger...I like the red can keep a one colour print ;)

I still need some lessons too...before we start ink & spindle...but luckily I've got that pretty much sorted. Will get back to you re. your question as soon as I know more ;)


I hope you have better luck next weekend. I like the idea of the partner craft though. I am going to suggest it to my husband.


I would like to try screen printing bit when I see how difficult it is...Celestina Carmen also having issues, I think I will just standback and watch....but I would like to try

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