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Thursday, 14 August 2008



Oooh that doesn't looks too good.
I meant to type 'an' emphatic, not 'a'


Well.....I just have to tell.

After making a emphatic statement, saying that I would never and could never have more than one crafty thing on the go.
Yep, well I have now. Socks being knitted.
Crossstitch being stitched. A crochet throw
ready to be started on the needles any day!!
The first time ever for me. I am liking it. Really liking it. Just had to tell :))


The women on my mother's side of the family have a rule: don't attempt to sew unless you've got a full-on dose of "the spirit that moves". In other words, if you're not in the right frame of mind it's distressingly easy to muck up whatever you're sewing.

Knitting and crochet, by contrast, can happen any time, anywhere -- perhaps because they're more portable than a sewing project, and can fit into any environment that feels comfortable at that particular moment.


Beautiful colours and fabrics ! I just bought a sewing machine myself (today). Am looking forward to learning . . . will keep you posted !


Miss 376

What lovely colours you have used. I do both, wouldn't be without either I don't think. Each seems to fill a particular need and as you said, a lot depends on the mood

Hoppo Bumpo

Gorgeous scarves - I particularly like the one in the mulberry colours.

And in answer to your question, I have to say I prefer sewing (... but that might just be because I can't knit!)

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