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Friday, 01 August 2008



oh heavens... this is fantastic!!! what an amazing stash (and what fun to play in here now you can see it all!!!)... major stash envy at this point in time. i will have to show mr pickles so he realises just how much more i have the potential to collect... there is so much more than just one single door wardrobe of shelving in me! ;)


The organised stash looks great! I only wish I had that much shelf space!


Your studio space looks amazing, and I'm having the HUGEST case of stash-envy right now!


The studio space looks wonderful. A lot of dedication to do all that organising, I'm thinking cataloguing is a great idea as I tend to forget what's in some of my scattered stash.


Whoa, this is truly inspirational. I think I need to get me a copy of Issue 5!


I am very impressed! YOu have now inspired me - I read it first in Mixtape yesterday and now to actually find the pics on your blog - fantastic. I first have to make a trip to ikea for some shelving and boxes. Not sure if I need to catalogue - if I can see it I think I will be okay!

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