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Sunday, 27 July 2008



Ah, a subject dear to my heart!!! Yes yes yes I do have favourites!!! I might have to show and tell some on my blog sometime...

Yes, these include buttons, and some fabrics. I bought this amazing white quilted fabric about ten years ago, thinking I would use it for something Very Special (I was thinking wedding at the time... then I thought perhaps name day for baby?)and now doubt I will ever use it. But I love it. I had another gorgeous fabric which I saved for ages, and then decided to use, and completely ruined it... so I think sometimes the hesitation is well-founded.

I'm with Anna though... it's the possibilities of fabrics, buttons etc that makes using them so terrifying! They are the only things I save "for best".


not sure how to reply to your question other than commenting here so.....

Definitely easier than DPN's....I tried many times with dpn's to do socks but could never quite get the hang of it, not to mention poking my eyes out! hehehe Now I'm half way to my first sock and loving it! Photos will be on the blog within nanoseconds of me finishing!!


It's a bit like having a 'good' dinner set that you only use once a year! On the other hand a dinner set will always be a dinner set.
Favorite yarn in the stash has the potential to be anything at all.
Perhaps that's why we keep it...for the possibilities?


Every so often (and I'm talking about years rather than months) I take out some of my "special" stash and finally make something. I have a problem with wanting everything to be perfect - the pattern, the project, me - and it's starting to dawn on me that if I keep waiting for everything to be perfect I'll be missing out. I need to declare that everything is already perfect, and enjoy the moment.

Mind you, I still have stuff in my stash that is over 20 years old, so I've got a long way to go!

Re your previous post: sorry to hear you've been so ill and I hope you're on the mend now.


Oh yes. Because in their unused state they have the potential to be several things at the same time. Because unused they have the potential to be perfect.

I inheirated the beginnings of my fabric stash from my grandmother, when she died. I sometimes wonder which of that fabric was, to her, waiting for the perfect occasion that never came.

Oh, and thank you for the cards - they came today :)

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