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Monday, 14 July 2008



i'm a stripy thing kind of person, (obviously it's damn cold here in winter) but i think they're both gorgeous...i actually think that 3 or 5 (i like odd numbers when it comes to art) of your pieced scarves would look rather nice on the wall as an art instillation...

Aunty Shabby

I vote for both and agree with Alby Mangroves that both serve different aesthetic and functional purposes.

I think a group of scarves could best be described as a "swathe", as in a swathe of scarves. This is fitting, as to swathe is to enfold or wrap, and this is exactly what a scarf does. Sounds good too!


It's not very cold where I live so I prefer fabric scarves - but I like the knitted ones too! Doesn't seem like anyone can decide!


A drape of scarves


The pieced fabric scarves do it for me aesthetically, but in the flesh, I'm sure I'd be won over by the snuggly factor in the stripy thing. So not much help at all there then.

And a birthday present for little old me? How wonderful. Thank you.


Thanks for the birthday winning-ness

I like the fabric ones better though I find fabric scarves harder to wear than knitted ones. So it depends if you want me to buy them or wear them!

Anna Laura

Stripey all the way, but I think you already knew that.

I love that pink one as well. I think I could have one in every colour, they are so beautiful!

Hoppo Bumpo

I love all your scarves, but particularly the beautiful pieced fabric ones.

And I think it would have to be a swaddle of scarves!

Alby Mangroves

Actually I like them both, but the Stripey Thing I could wear out for a walk with the kids & dogs, whereas the Pieced Scarf I could wear to work or to dinner with a nice outfit :)


I actually don't have a 'pieced' scarf but the more I see on your blog - the more convinced I would probably love them just as much. I know this probably doesn't help - I just love knitted scarves!


i'm a tailored type of girl so i prefer the pieced scarves. as for the collective noun ... a skein of scarves?

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