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Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Aunty Shabby

By the way, you look just like Mum in this photo...


I SOOOOOO know what you mean about being the eldest, I'm the eldest of four sisters!! Nightmare, but I love them all dearly! Your post made me chuckle


I know, what was mum thinking with the matching outfits? I wonder if mothers today still inflict this on their children?


I am no 2 of 4 and my youngest sister is all into a book called how first borns want to rule the world and last borns want to change it. All about birth position and sibling relationships and personality so so spot on the money

Aunty Shabby

I can't believe you posted that pic of us, and without my permission! I might have to sue, ala Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. I am sure that I have been damaged in some way, at the very least by being reminded that at one time our mother thought it would be cute to dress us in identical Bay City Rollers outfits.

Nice rewriting of history there too love, I think I can hear the violins.... Hmmmm, I know the story of the 21st birthday photo albums - how they spent hours making yours, as a surprise, then the following year, begrudgingly did R's with my assistance, then when it came time to do mine, I had to make my own! I do remember you two wheeling me out to ask if we could do stuff though. Cute factor still gets em!

Just don't forget that I had to suffer them the longest on my own at home (most of high school and Uni) and it was no picnic!


i'm the youngest of three. i'm the spoilt one, winsome and cute. hehe.


This is too hilarious. My hubby and I were just talking about this topic. He is the eldest of three and I am the youngest of only two and recently we are witness to a lot of these behaviors in our own 2 kids. Right now, I find myself having a hard time when my oldest child is telling my youngest what game they are playing, and making up the rules. My hubby laughs and says I'm working through my own issues of being bossed around as a kid! LOL! I think he might be right! Too funny!


I am the eldest and definately fit the profile. I have always felt very responsible and protective of my little brother but am crucially aware that he does not have the same feelings about me! Plus there's that old chestnut of me getting into trouble for stuff and then seeing him do the same stuff years later and my parents barely batting an eye! Like the time he got drunk and spweded up in the hall and my mum just laughed. I still can't get over that.

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