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Tuesday, 17 June 2008



hi lovely! just thought I would pop by and say thankyou again for the gherkin's magic blanket. he still does sleep with it on his bed, now a big boy of 115cm and five in july! thanks xo


hi, love the look of this and am knitting mine in funky red and orange with superchunky. for those looking for the pattern, this is what i saw "Cast on anywhere upwards of 80 stitches on a needle size that works with your particular yarn, knit madly til yarn runs out and Bob's your uncle, you have a baby blanket." simples as they say! - cheers M


Can you send/ post the pattern?


Cont...from last post from Linda


Wondering to get the pattern as I too came from This blanket looks really beautiful and would love the pattern...

Stefanie Cousins

information provided for the yarn you used.

Thank you for whatever information you can provide.


Stefanie Cousins

Hi Greenolive,
I am having a baby in 2 months and would love to knit a blanket for her using this beautiful wool that you used for Baby Blanket #6. I'm wondering if it comes in pink tones and if you could provide some information about it. I live in the United States and would like to see if I can buy it here. I didn't notice any


Hey there! I'm over from ravelry and was looking to find the pattern but this post is where it linked me to? Where can I find the pattern?



This is a beautiful blanket! I found this link on Ravelry, and came here to find the pattern, but I didn't see it? I'm probably missing something...? Thanks!

Ravelry link:



Did you spin this? It is WOWOW gorgeous.


Gasp - Martine, it has arrived and it is just beautiful!!! Thankyou so much for this amazing gift... I can imagine our little one will never want to let this go. Thankyou from all of the Pickles xo

Alby Mangroves

There's nothing like a beautiful blanket to wrap your baby in; and I use all of Ratbag's things for my Peabut still, even though he's a big bruiser of a boy and she's a seashell pink girl, just because I love them and didn't want to give them away.


great choice, a blanket for a baby. you can never have too many. i've got to say, frank's blanket (or b as he's known - and yes, he has feelings and a personality, don't you know) is nearly 6 years old and in complete tatters, but frank won't go to bed without him...i would've died for something as groovy and gorgeous as this for my two though. actually, i think i would have nicked it for myself ;)


Amazingly beautiful yarn. And good thinking on the 'impossible to grow out of' front.


Ooooh that's gorgeous...I love the variegation of the colours. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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