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Wednesday, 25 June 2008



I can only have one project on the go. I have to finish it before I even start another.
I have a feeling why you may have so many going at the same time, love the starting process. The thinking about it, the choosing of yarn, then the starting. When that is over and you are well and truly into it, you loose interest.
I really think that's what it is. What do you think??
But that's OK we are all different. When I used to sew a lot many years ago. I remember buying Vogue patterns and I wouldn't even make them. I think subconciously I felt that I had made it by buying the pattern, and having good intentions of 'going to make that soon' thing going on in my head.


I wouldn't worry about it or make any rules for finishing projects - it's supposed to be an enjoyable process, isn't it? No point in putting time pressures on recreational creations.

When you think of it - no matter how long a project takes to make, it'll take you just as long NOT to make it.... so when all is said and done, it's better that you did it. (And if it's never finished then at least you enjoyed the process of getting it well underway!!)

See..? I can justify ANYTHING!!

ruth singer

I've actually been forcing myself to complete a cardigan I started at Christmas, although there are lots of other things I would rather be starting. Sheer bloody-mindedness. I hate unfinished things (which is why I am a workaholic).


I now only ever have 2 WIP's (except for that almost pair of Dashing's stuffed way WAY in the back). Ravelry has cured me - my queue is vicarious. I list yarn for the same reason.


before reading your answer of 10, 12 came to my mind. wish there was a knitting rule. but surely, we'd both break those, anyway? i think mine comes down to boredom. i get bored, or reach a tough spot, and put it aside for some easy knitting.


I am trying so hard not to start something, until the last thing is done. But I've seen a cardigan I want, no need, for winter and it's calling me...


I like raspberry's idea of doing the boring bits first, but unfortunately that would mean (for me) I'd have to sew up my knitting projects first, then do the acres of stocking stitch without any shaping, then cast off, then do the shaping, then cast on, and I don't think that'd work...

The right number of WiP's to have is always one less than you actually have. There's no cure.


Love the moss stitch! William had a little moss stitch jacket made for him when he was little, in a denim looking yarn, and it was divine, I loved it and so did he, but enough of my memories :)
WIPs, hmm, they are a problem, but I now do try to finish something before I start the next one, but the way I get round it, is I do all the 'boring' stuff first, like linings, straps etc, so once I've done the front of my bags, they are almost finished, it is the only way I can cope!


I've only just started knitting and I have one project currently on the needles.....but I did buy some more needles from the op shop yesterday so I can have two projects on the go at once (my excuse is that I have a short attention span and get bored very easily)


yes discipline but i'm not v good at that. i did have a complete two start one rule but that's pretty much gone out the window. sigh. i don't know - who says how much is too much??

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