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Sunday, 29 June 2008



Happy anniversary 'greenolive'.

I do enjoy your blog and so glad I could reveal a little insight into 'Martine' that you could happily relate to.

This is all such fun and I am sure you have enjoyed many good times here on your blog.
So from one Melbournian to another have another lovely, happy 12 months ahead 'greenolive' :)

Aunty Shabby

Yeah yeah. I guess that's true. Looking forward to seeing some more of your spun wool - I'm not over it yet!


Something about employees and their families are not able to know, the standard fine print. Besides – you get presents from me all the time!

Aunty Shabby

Happy Birthday G! How come I am ineligible for a present?!


YAY! Happy Blog Birthday. It's been great getting to know you (in person at the Stitches & Craft Show) and through your blog. Here's to the next year!


Happy Blogirthday!

Can't believe you've only been blogging a year - your "voice" is so clear and as an ex-Aussie, ex-graphic designer who loves to knit - I hear you girl!

Congrats & here's to the next year (raising wine glass)


Ohhhhh how exciting - turning one! Yay for you girl. I know I haven't been a regular commenter but I remember when I first found your blog I thought oh goodie, another creative person born in 1967 who lives in the Melbourne area (hope it's ok to say the Dandenongs are in the Melb area) and who is blogging about her work, her processes and her stuff (read stuff anyway you like). Congratulations on your blogaversary!


Happy Blogaversary! How time flies!! A whole year already! I am almost at my 200th post - it's taken a while but it's been a great journey! Thanks for all your blog postings!


Happy b'day. I love reading our mixtape contributions and as a consequence I am close to outing a blog (not quite there though). Enjoy much more bloginess to come.


Happy 1st birthday Martine - and here's to many more. x


Just found you, but never too late to join the fun, paticulalry as you live in the old neighbourhood.

Happy bloggy love- see you round the shops


A whole year gone by - happy bloggy birthday. And I'm sure you still have lots to share with we your readers. Thanks for letting us be part of your journey. There seem to be messages all over enticing me to enter this blogging universe.

Dawn Anderson

Happy blog birthday! I look forward to more great posts about your creative endeavors.


Congratulations and happy birthday - I always enjoy reading your words, and love watching your knitting and spinning, although I'm not a knitter per se. But I especially like to gaze at your selections of silk fabric. Love silk!


Happy blog birthday! Hope your next year is just as fruitful!

Alby Mangroves

Happy Blogday ! It was your blog that introduced me to blogland a few months ago, and the reason that I even started was because I couldn't leave a comment on yours, and couldn't work out why! Upon investigation, I liked reading your blog so much that I thought maybe I could start one too. So, your Blogday Present from me, is a lovely Thank-You! Cheers, Mag


aww...happy blog birthday martine, like you said to me last week, who knew we'd be able to keep this malarky up for a whole year? amazing. and you were one of my first buyers on etsy too - the greenolive blog will always have a little ball-of-wool shaped place in my heart :) x


Congratulations, m'dear, and thanks for sharing your creative journey over the last year. It's been both entertaining and inspiring :-)


Happy Blog Birthday!!! May you have many more!


Happy blog birthday! Keep those Mixtape Zine articles coming. I just love them!


Happy blog birthday to you. And it seems I am not the only one thinking 'Has is really only been a year for you?'
But here's to the next 365 days of blog-worthy living.


happy bloggy birthday.
I've been reading your blog for the last couple of months, and I guess at least one of those 600 comments must be mine! I don't remember how I found your blog (in the usual way I suppose, by reading comments on other people's blogs). Your blog is one of two knitting related blogs I read - I like knitting, but I don't do it very often, so it's just nice to read about it (especially interested in the spinning stuff - that's all totally new to me). Anyway, I fear I'm rambling and approaching an essay here so I'm so I'm off!


Happy first blog birthday!

And you've just reminded me that I forgot my third blog birthday last week. Oops. Best go celebrate and do the give-away thang!


Yah Happy Birthday Miss Greenolive. What a fantastic occassion! It seems funny that you've only been blogging for a year because your blog is one of the ones that inspired me to start up blogging (I think I emailed you early on to let you know). Now it feels like I've been doing this forever.
I love reading all about your crafty happenings so keep up the good work!


Many happy returns! I have loved following your adventures on-line and in print. May your comments be many and the trolls be few, may the light always be right for photos and inspiration flow like the gutters back when it used to rain in this wide brown land.

Missie Krissie

Happy Birthday! I think you've done a great job. I've only just started my blog last week! Sadly no comments yet, but since you're turning 1 year old I think you deserve one! he he. Well done :)


Happy Birthday! I remember we started blogging around the same time...yay for blogland! I've met so many amazing people...including the stitches & craft show :) I'm definitely not done (yet) and hope you'll keep blogging too :)

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