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Monday, 05 May 2008



Sophie, when I read your comment I laughed out loud! I didn't take it the wrong way. Raina, yes, Mr greenolive thinks that too. Maybe secretly that's what I'm working towards!


Well I can't talk when it comes to fabric, but that's one hell of a yarn stash! I hope it doesn't rain on your moving day too.


Wow, that is a tremendous amount of yarn...I can't get over that. You could start a store.


and I'm going to show this to my sister - I think she aspires to have this kind of collection one day - and is making good inroads so far!
Good luck with the move



I think i will have to show your post to my boyfriend to demonstrate that really my yarn obsession is under control (please don't take that the wrong way - i think you can't have too much yarn cos then you have lots of colours and textures to play with - men don't always get that).
i blame my parents for my obsessive collecting habits - may parents have a large house crammed with books, japanese scrolls, sewing and knitting stuff, more books, lots of teapots (about 60 so far) and even more books. i personally think collecting and hoarding is great!

good luck moving :)

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