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Sunday, 01 June 2008


Aunty Shabby

Well done! Nice wool, so am sure whichever stitch you choose will look good. Doing a scarf order myself now too! 'Tis the season.


no, Rac says he doesn't wear scarves, even when up at 5am to coach the rowers. It's for a very discerning young man at work - custom order.

Aunty Shabby

Yes - rib is probably the best "manly" stitch. I have used twisted rib for a few male scarves, knitting with that NZ Harmony wool in dark colours, greys and browns. It works very nicely, and the grey scarf in particular gets a lot of compliments from other men.

I also like the combo of garter stitch rows or an alternate colour stripe. Stripes are masculine. What you have done so far looks great! Is this a present for our brother-in-law?


good luck an your quest, everything looks great!missed you on Sturday, hope everything is alright!


Oh dear, I'm struggling just to knit plain stitch. The wool in the photo is beautiful!


i can total relate on being a perfectionist- i unraveled many things i had done- because they were not exactly like i wanted them to be...:) hope it will work out soon- keep me posted

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