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Tuesday, 20 May 2008



I know the feeling! Perhaps you can see some of your stuff with new eyes and be inspired to create something you always wanted or never thought of before;) But don't feel guilty, there are hundreds and thousands other stashers like me.

Alby Mangroves

Bordering on hoarding behaviour there Ms Greenolive! Still, there is nothing like looking over your hard-earned stash and breathing in the smell of a good collection, is there? I like to open my X-Files DVD collection now and again... just to bask in the love. Enjoy making !

Aunty Shabby

I always told you it was big. Nice to find things you have forgotten about though - it might inspire you to do something new! Have fun sorting.


Do not calcu;lare the worth of your stash under any circumstances - that way madness lies!! Not to mention guilt.


'uber' indeed Miss Olive!!wow i never need to by another stitch either!But like you say thats not the piont now is it!

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