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Monday, 26 May 2008


Aunty Shabby

That is bad news - what a pain of a landlord! I saw that book recently and wondered if you had it - it looks lovely. Not surprised about N, but it is still sad and weird.


How rude! It would have been nice if your Landlord had told you before you moved in.


Oh, crap. Lovely, if I had a spare 1.5mill floating around you know I would buy that place. Moving is hard work... hopefully you will feel settled soonish (as settled as you can feel with this latest news).

Hope you are doing okay, with your feeling unsettled and ordinary, and with the news about your old boss.

Here's to your fairy godmother showing up and buying the property, and asking you to be the resident artist for as long as you like.


Nooooooooo!! With the selling!!

Over the years I've had THREE rented properties sold out from under me, and I really hope it doesn't happen for you. And with house prices and interest rates the way they are right now there is NO WAY we can afford to buy.

Fingers crossed that the house doesn't sell.

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