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Tuesday, 29 April 2008



What a lovely question and a delightful challenge you have before you: organizing your own studio! Until the kids move out of our huge parental bed I have an entire very small room as my sewing/knitting/crafting room! Here's how I store:
buttons: glass jars by color, but one entire jar for the mother of pearl
ribbon: in glass jars and a metal tin by color
(I also wonder if they should be on a card or wound around something instead of loose).
yarn: in storage boxes by type: one for wool and other for novelty
fabric: by type and by color.
Happy move to you and can't wait to see your stash organization!


AAAAH the eternal question. Yarn - I keep in various boxes, not particularly organised, well sort of. WIP yarn together, sock yarn together and then everything else (Ravelry helps with stash memory). Fabric. I keep "scraps I can't part with" in a plastic box in my Expedit (Ikea). The larger pieces I use these, in small (fat quarter) and large (yardage)
I love them. Ribbon - I use little cardboard suitcases. Embroidery thread, I have a ring binder and use DMC stick things (I'll photograph). Buttons, large jars...You've inspired me to do a stash storin' post. :)


I just have bookshelves crammed and stuffed full of fabric. I also have some drawers on wheels that I can move around to wherever I'm working......I still can't find anything though.


Floor-to-ceiling built in wardrobes. They saved my life - truly!


I'm with the others, we may need your help. My stash is crammed into suitcases, boxes and strewn on the floor. I also have a great wall of fabric situation happening with lots of plastic boxes piled high.

I do like the idea of open shelving that Ikea do so well, however it would be kind of hard to keep tidy. Sorry not much help. Good luck!


I like all my fabrics to be in view at all times, otherwise I forget what I have... So I have pigeon-hole type shelves (Ikea) - sorted by type (silk, wool, knits and synthetics are all separate), and then I have plain, stripes, gingham all together, and then the rest (cotton/linen) by colour. And "small" bits are stored on separate shelves, sorted by print/plain and colour. I also have an Ikea dining table with two removable 'leaves' which is good because I can make it long (for cutting out) or short. The rest - buttons, trims, ribbons etc - are all shoved in boxes, tins and jars. But also sorted by colour.

I'll be interested to find out what system you come up with!

French Knots

I find piles of fabric all over the floor make it quick to find the one you are looking for, and a big heap means no worries about it falling over!
I do like my buttons in old jars though as they look pretty - in fact it's the only orgnaised part of my stash!


I wish I could offer some pearls of wisdom, but alas, my sewing room is a disaster zone at the moment - I cannot find a single thing. I will be waiting in anticipation for your post on 'how to organise your stash'

Also, I think I might do a tutorial on the fabric flower is you are interested.


Wish I could help, but I have such a tiny room that my storage system is something like this:
1) will it fit?
If yes - cram in. If no, leave on floor.
2) see (1)

However, I would be happy to 'store' that there silk road tweed for you, so long as you don't mind me storing it as an actual knitted garment in my size? ;)

Something I will be buying when I have space, is a layout table so that I can work at it standing up. You can get them from second hand office equipment shops - they're long and skinny and the same height as a kitchen bench.

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