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Wednesday, 16 April 2008



All I will say is that moving matter how organized and anal one sucks. Better to be anal than have a thousand things everywhere trying to figure where to put them.


I am exactly the same when we move - all boxes labelled with the room they are going to. Packed for destination, not for current place in the house. Anal? Naaah. Sensible.

Anna Laura

Hey, Where are you shifting back to? I'm trying to remember where you used to live and I think it is near me, a bit. I'm near Bentleigh.

I don't know why I didn't put G-Ra in my list of shows. I've not watched them in a while as we went on a massive bender and watched them all over a few nights. The one on the other night with the Scottish woman in the Paris restaurant is one of my favourites, because he rewards India for being a hard worker, but growls at the blonde woman because she is a slack lazy cow.

I had something else to say, oh yes, I am SO happy it is Autumn as the old scarf is coming out in full force and my love affair with it is starting all over again. I love that thing, and it is great because even when it is a little warmer, I don't get super hot it in, but when it is cold it keeps me warm. Best Etsy purchase ever!


I don't think you're're just thinking of him and his back, and making sure that he doesn't have to keep moving furniture all around the room....ok, maybe the diagrams and lists could be classified as a little anal, not that I am calling you anal (hey I've used anal 4 times now, he he he)! I wish you good luck with your packing and moving (are you going to have time to make any more of your handknitted scarves before winter....the ones with the really loose stitches)?

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