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Thursday, 06 March 2008



Hello, I was wondering if you would mind letting me know what needle size you used? I have a couple of skeins like that that I would love to turn into a baby blanket. I've tried a 5mm and 6mm but I think they're too tight but if I go to an 8mm it's far too loose...nothing like your "just right"! Thank you.


Hi there! I've just recently found your blog and just wanted to say I loved loved loved the entry you wrote called 'finally letting go'. There is so much you said there that I can relate to. I think I even know some of the people at Uni of Melb that went through the redundancy with you. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and being so honest.


I'm sure they will, because that looks gorgeous.


Alas, I don't really measure. I just cast on to what feels right in terms of width then start knitting or crocheting. Most of the blankets tend to be rectangular, I think this one is probably about 80cm wide by just over a meter long.

CurlyPops, I hope mummy and baby think so!

Aunty Shabby

Glad you got it finished - looks good. I just had a look at your previous blankets as well and yours look much bigger than mine. What dimensions do you knit, ie 1m x 1m or bigger?


OMG that is gorgeous!

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