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Saturday, 01 March 2008



Go you! Sometimes you really have just got to "chuck stuff" (and I just don't mean physical things.) Well done :)


Sounds like you've gone through alot of thinking and learning and discovery. Enjoy your transition phase and good wishes for futher work adventures ahead.


Good for you! I had a similar experience last year, revisiting and then tossing out the last physical reminders of a broken relationship. Very cathartic!

In part, the winnowing of letters, papers etc was also a reminder of all the good stuff we shared. Jobs and relationships change you, they change how you see the world, and if you can leave behind the crap and carry forward the learnings, then you're doing OK.


Well done you. I did a similar chuck-out last weekend and in the process accepted that the Best Job Ever was no longer there, was never going to be there, and it's time to stop wishing I still had it every time I find myself having to change jobs, again. Which means I can stop feeling sad about that job and remembering it with pleasure.

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