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Monday, 31 March 2008



just found your blog, and just read about your enjoyable blood test! i have had hypothyroidism for 8 years nearly, and it took me a really long time to get the dose right - thankfully not 3 years, but long enough. and i have had the joy of 4 vials of blood taken and i really don't like it. that's really poor that you had to wait 1.5 hours for a test. after that kind of ordeal shopping is definitely a must.

hope all is well now.


Good lord, I hope everything's ok!


Not a pleasant way to spend the day! I hope your results help to work out what is wrong and that you'll be good as new real soon:)

Account Deleted

Feel better soon. I hope your tests bring results soon.


hope you have a better day tomorrow. Thinking of you.

Miss Dot

oh best wishes! I have to go and have a mammogram and while I am fond of pancakes I am not looking forward to one made of boob! when they start testing men for tesicular cancer by using the mammogram machine we might get a new method hey? **hug** 2 U




Lung function test are really not fun! I'm down to 20% function so it's nearly impossible to do without passing out from lack of oxygen!


Poor you - and so maddening not to have the knitting with you. Hope the results are helpful.


:( sending you big hugs, and don't forget to have some choccie :)

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