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Friday, 29 February 2008


Aunty Shabby

I think you made it up! I have heard of arse over tit but not about. I said your other sister didn't I? As in "other than me"! Did you think I was being cryptic??!! On second thoughts, don't ask her - she will probably just get mad remembering it. I will tell you about it next time I see you.


Arse about tit is an English expression I think. I have two sisters, which one might you be referring to?

Aunty Shabby

Arse about tit??!! That's a good one! So glad Jazzy is home and hopefully safe and sound. Where else would you lose it if not in a crowded cafe in the Block Arcade? Sounds like a good place to me - just ask your other, more volatile sister - she had a major meltdown there once! Very funny.


I'm so glad Jazzy Jazz finally made it home safely! We had a very similar problem with AAMI a couple of weeks ago (and that was only to get some damage assessed).

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