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Sunday, 17 February 2008


Aunty Shabby



After reading this post I ordered some yarn from linnet - you are spot on, it's almost too easy! (Yarn arrived today!)


ooooh, that's just pr0nographic! (in the nicest possible way) And it's payday this week :-)


Where does one draw the line? Husbands? Sisters?

Aunty Shabby

Your stuff looks lovely, but it is indeed a weird looking website! You might need to give me a tutorial...

PS: Aren't husbands etal banned from reading your blogs? Mine is!


I must admit I found their layout confusing at first, but after four hours training it all became rather a fun adventure - like an aladin's cave full of treasure, with hidden rooms, missing exits, new discoveries every time I visited. In the end, a most engaging site - got me hooked :)

The master-key to the site can also be useful!!


yes I recently took the plunge on Linnet, and my goods arrived so beautifully wrapped, but I can't bring myself to use them yet! must go check out that flickr site.


I have looked at this site so many times, and decided, no I shouldn't, but again I looked, and oh my god, they take Paypal! Holy cow! and Martine you are a bad woman! Oh yes, what have you done to me!

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