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Thursday, 28 February 2008



sorry for laughing, but hehehe! that is so foul. my local kfc has all the loser drop-outs from school working in it (a fella in my class who worked there actually did a runner with the weeks takings, naughty boy)and they were also the types with terrible acne and flaking skin complaints. needless to say i've not eaten a kfc in about 15 years ;)

Aunty Shabby

Maybe the slice of cheese bit. That is sooooo funny! Teach you to eat naughty burgers! Do you remember that time we were eating lunch at some cafe at Pacific Fair (shopping centre on the Gold Coast for those not in the know) and I found a fly in my hamburger after I had eaten almost half of it??!! It would have been at least 15 years ago but I have NEVER forgotten it. There must be a moral in there somewhere...


A 5 cm square pieced of waxed paper that KFC-ers use to write the time food expires by on. Somehow they managed to overlook the fact that something this big fell into my burger. I suppose it does look a bit like a slice of cheese, shredded lettuce, the inside of a bun or perhaps a deep-fried chicken breast. I can see the similarities, can't you?

Anna Laura

A post it note inside a burger? My god, that is weird!


Ooh, that will put you off eating chicken burgers!

Miss Dot

what is it exactly?


we have had sticks in choccie cakes before!!! But that is grim!

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