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Monday, 11 February 2008



Sympathies. It's always unsettling to be involved in a bingle, and so much more annoying when it isn't your fault. At least she didn't just drive off like the guy who hit my car recently- I drove after him for 3 blocks until he was forced to stop by the other cars stopped infront of him. It all turned out OK in the end though.
Hope you have your car and routine back in order soon!


That's horrid! I hate it when people don't take responsibility for their actions. Hope you're feeling ok.

Aunty Shabby

Poor G! I still feel really bad about this. Thanks for not implicating me though by saying that it happened on the way home from a visit to me(which it did)! We had had a really nice time up until then. Hope you are OK.


poor jazzy...bummer! I would be feeling the same way too...we just have an old car but I'd still miss's my first car you know. My boyfriend just got his P's (he's 24) and I'm a little reluctant to give him the keys, but he's a pretty safe driver and he has to learn some day...I just hope he wont make the same mistake as that impatient young girl...fingers crossed for the jazz.


So sorry to hear this - I hope you're OK.

Anna Laura

Oh what a bum! I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that they woman didn't care! That makes me really angry. At least you're safe and sound. Being carless is always hard as well, but the train trip is a good chance to do things you can't do when driving.


aw.. your poor little car :( William likes the Honda Jazz as you can get it in a pink, which is just vile, but of course this means he loves it!
I love my car, and due to our location, 2 miles away from the next village, I really have to have one :( So I would would be well in the poo if this happened to me!
My first car was a Mini, old style, and he was Champagne Beige, and called Nigel, I still miss him now!

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