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Thursday, 31 January 2008



yes, beautiful fabric. i'm planning a visit already. i've been lucky reclaiming silk from second hand jumpers - you do occasionally find them but of course don't have so much control over weight/colour. i love that purple. what are you going to make?

Aunty Shabby

That sounds like the same one Tiel! It is a very good find. I'm sure we will be going back again soon!


I LOVE that fabric.


it might have been me??? I went there just before I left Melbourne to come to Brissy. The entire three years that I was there, I had no idea about it. In the last week, I discovered it. I bought some zubotons and heaps of remnants...I still have some too.

I really wanted to go when I was there just recently, but like so many other things, I just didn't do it. Not enough time. I should have gone, because half the shops I did visit were bloody well closed!!

OHHHH it is good.

Is it the one? the name doesn't ring a bell. Did it have furniture on one side of the building and fabric/giftwares on the other?

very jealous.



Wow that shop looks great, I'll have to go visit soon too.


I don't do well with
time constraints or budgets...
especially somewhere like that...
you go girl!
Enjoy your day,
~laura d.


The silk is beautiful. It's hard to find beautiful silk here in Calgary (Canada). If you find probably can't buy a lot of it because it costs a fortune. I'm jealous.

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