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Wednesday, 23 January 2008



I think I might have to subscribe too. I first discovered it in my local newsagency and have since bought 2 more issues. Even though I have asked them about it, they don't seem to be too reliable about getting in.

I looked just today. But no.

I received Inside Out mag in the mail today, and it is a nice feeling to get mailmag. I say to myself..." I will sit down today and read this" HA!!

Aunty Shabby

I have never had the pleasure of reading or even looking at, let alone critiquing, a copy of Selvedge! Maybe you need to bring a few copies with you next time you come over G? Ali - I know what you mean though! I feel like that with the mag Wallpaper. Maybe us non-art-trained heathens (ie me) just don't get it.

Sarah Jayne

I'm a fellow subscriber who also only found this magazine a short while ago. It's such a great magazine - and you seem to see something different every time you pick it up. Even the adverts are great to look at.


I like Selvedge, but I always feel rather unworthy to read it. Like a child trying to get to grips with an adult book.

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