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Saturday, 05 January 2008


Sarah Jayne

I'm with you on your resolutions.
I think that investing in your health is a great way to think about looking after yourself - by exercise and realxing. And the crafting, in whatever way you like, helps with getting into the 'flow' and relaxing.
I wasn't too well earlier in the year and I've found I really enjoy spending time with DH. We try to set aside a night a week (work permitting) to have an evening out in the local pub to just sit and enjoy each other's company. When we don't get the chance, we really miss these evenings.
I wish you all the best with your resolotions and I'll keep an eye on how you get on ;-)


I hear you on the 'more time' thing. How to squeeze every last drop out of those precious moments without leaving myself burnt out. I hope I find the balance in 2008.


I think you've hit the nail on the head- it's all about priorities. Priorities and perhaps a little bit of taking opportunities when they arise, spending those little windows of time that do emerge on our priorities.
Best wishes to you for 2008!

Anna Laura

I've noticed a few people have posted new year resolutions and everyone seems to say make more time to craft. I also think this as well, more time for my art and everything else like that! I wonder where everyone’s time goes. I know when I get super busy and there were some times last year where I had no time at all to do things in some weeks and had to then decide what would not happen (always Etsy/craft over teaching). But something I was thinking about was how people always say they are too busy, but we are meant to have all these things in our life to help save time but people seem to have less time! My example of this was when my Mum (also a teacher) would make food for the Friday afternoon tea. She would go to a lot of effort, making cakes, slices and sausage rolls and I think everyone else also did that. When I started teaching I did the same thing because I thought it was what you did, but a lot of other people didn't do this and often said they didn't have time. I just realised then why this most likely is, because priorities have changed and people don't want to waste time doing these things. I think it is a shame. I like to read all these crafty blogs and see people who still like to make that effort!

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