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Tuesday, 15 January 2008


carla lockwood

I know a majority of this post is from 2008, but if anyone finds this and needs help, there is a great tutorial on YouTube that makes this so easy.

Lisa Foster

I found this blog as I have also been sooo frustrated by the catherines wheel. I have made a few squares of them but the sides are so confusing. I need more instructions!!!!!


If you can tell me where to find the pattern, please e-mail me and I would love to go to the site and begin working this pattern. I know it is a book called "The Ultimate Sourcebook for Knitting and Crocheting stitches." and it is put out by Reader's Digest but I can't find one of the books. Please help :) Thanks so much!


I have been looking for the Catherine's Wheel pattern. Can you please tell this crochet-loving grandmother of 8 1/3 where to find the pattern.:) I love it! Tks.


I love the colour combination that you used. It's very pretty!

Aunty Shabby

I am actually a bit surprised by this scarf - it doesn't really look like your kind of thing at all, apart from the colours! You must tell me about the new ripple stich.

Thanks for the new link to me!!


Oh I feel for you- Moonstitches scarf is so beautiful, I can understand your urge to try the pattern too. And I can relate to the difficulties of crocheting cotton- It nearly put me off crocheting when I made my Amineko! (I'm currently working on a second one using wool, and it's so much easier on my hands!)

Anna Laura

I think it is looking good so far. I find it annoying when I see something I like but decided to work it in a different way and it doesn't work at all. But I guess sometimes it does so I shouldn't be too picky. I like th pinks and white as well. I am also a fan of the pink and green, I got a couch most people would think is ugly on ebay which is a floral pink and green number. Gareth hates it. I got it to go in my studio, which I imagined was large, with big windows and white walls and white floorboards.


It's good to know when to walk away from something. I've just thrown a half completed baby cardigan to the floor because I finally admitted it looked really crap.
: )
That yarn is very pretty.

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