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Tuesday, 08 January 2008



oh yes, the cataloguing instinct is very strong in the intj. when i was in grade six i sorted all of my classmates into who was cool and who was daggy. oh dear.


Do you know, I read your post and felt like a bad, disorganized person. Then I clicked on the sewing room challenge link and do you know what? I don't have half as much stuff as those folks, so now I feel quite good!


oh my..i don't know whether to laugh or cry. i think about this stuff often, but only act on it in a crazy , impulsive moment when I should be doing something else. Maybe it is a Taurean thing!


please don't get the wrong impression, only a very small part of my life is this organised! And INTJs, when "stressed" turn to highly sensate activities such as organising cupboards. In this case I substituted the stash for the cupboard! And yes Lucie, Taurean. 10 May. Put that one in your diaries girls.


oh god, i'm off to jump off a very tall building. we may both be taureans, (you are, right?) but there are some things in which we differ...and being that organised is obviously one of them. good on you! ;)


this really is very impressive :)


wow. I'm impresses, and a little inspired... my fabric is a breeding, pile of chaos. I have tried to fold neatly, and sort into colour groups and fabric groups, but it never stays that was for long. I think I may go check out those links...

Anna Laura

I'm so impressed. Although I would enjoy doing all that work, I know I would not be able to keep it organised. That is my major fault. I can start the organisation, but sticking to it, ugh, hopeless.

I love the index cards as well.


Love the two florals on the left! Very funky :) I could not do what you are doing, I enjoy the sorting, but the other bits, nah!

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